Dejan Dukic
8 SEP - 14 OCT 2017


Zeller van Almsick is pleased to announce Dejan Dukic's first gallery solo exhibition. With the show "Trapped in Furs" the gallery welcomes the artist and is delighted to announce the future representation of Dejan Dukic.

Dukic paints exclusively with color and canvas, not figuratively, but in the truest sense of the word abstract (lat. abstrahere: peel, separate): the separation takes place between the foreground and the background, not on the image plane, but in front and behind it, where Dukic massages the color through the woven structure of the canvas.

Furthermore, abstraction (as subtraction) materialises through the artists tool selection: Dukic gets rid of the familiar painterly devices such as color palette, easel and brush. Often, as the colors are gradually pressed through the fabric, the paintings themselves become the color palette, the colours are mixed or they gradually separate.

Despite Dukic's idiosyncratic interpretation of abstraction moves away from any objectuality, as he creates a physicality with color: a kind of growth arises on the image medium. In this context, the concept of growth has a special significance, according to which the color is emerging from the canvas. Furthermore, it is an organic process that takes up to one year to complete: the curing of the oil colours.

Dukic's spectrum is manifold and fractionally shown in the exhibition "Trapped in Furs". On the micro as well as on the macro level, his paintings evoke associations with nature. On one hand Dukic's almost involuntarily generated paintings allude to minuscule plant formations such as moss carpets, on the other hand they allude to geographic formations - and almost a mimicry of landscape painting.

After studies in Thailand and China, Dejan Dukic continued his work in Vienna and Styria to present new works at Zeller van Almsick.