Michael Fanta & Sophie Gogl (Duo)
24 MARCH - 22 APRIL, 2017



 As the glorious empire split up, Mr. McBrown and Mike Fanta were were the only ones left holding the crown, with Fanta‘s tricks being that of a ladies man (secretly called Sex-Chocolate). When Sophie GoGo announced she was pregnant, Vac Benis admitted to having been sterilized and abandoned her, forming an alliance with E-Guzzzy by virtue of his pimp instruments. Chantal had also been dumped by her partner Herman Hero and so she formed Super Mean Sissies with Mandy, prioritizing their demands and evidently being seduced by Mike Fanta.

The Glitz Gang turned heel in December. The Audacities had come to the pit with American Nightmare Posse, who sung their entrance hymn at the time and when the Glitz Gang came to the pit, they joined in dancing with the stable. However, after spraying silly teargas into the crowd, they then sprayed into the eyes of The Audacities and since then had been utilising weapons and other underhand tactics to win matches. Most notably, they challenged American Nightmare Posse to a match, but the two asked The Audacities to substitute for them before the Posse attacked Audacities and helped the Glitz Gang win.

A live feed from the gallery was used for Mike Fanta to be interviewed on Fake Rake, but during one of the interview segments Sophie GoGo jumped in with E-Guzzzy, kidnapping him and attempting to bury him alive before changing her mind and embalming him instead. See what happens next on the 23rd of March 2017.