Charlotte Klobassa (*1987) lives and works in Vienna and Berlin. Charlotte graduated with honours from the University of Applied Arts, where she studied with Judith Eisler.

In her series ‘Scribble’ Charlotte Klobassa draws inspiration from collected pieces of paper found in stationery shops. The papers with test scribbles of unknown authorship manifest a very imminent, impulsive and unconscious composition. By translating the scribbles onto large-scale canvases, Klobassa emphasises on her obsessive precision in execution of details, celebrating the dichotomy between impulsiveness and compulsiveness. At first her paintings appear to be of abstract nature, but taking a closer look they prove to be rather figurative. 



Charlotte Klobassa is currently preparing her second solo show “Walk ins Welcome” at Zeller van Almsick opening on April 30th, 2019!





 2018 Smooth Chromatics, Stephanie Kelly, Dresden (DE) 

Palmenbingo, ASPN gallery, Leipzig (DE)

Zone1 / curated by Victoria Dejaco, Vienna Contemporary, Vienna (AT) 

Sugar Cravings, Zeller van Almsick, Vienna (AT)  

2017 Private View #6, Zeller van Almsick, Vienna (AT)

2016 Absolute Beginnings, Zeller van Almsick Projekte, Vienna (AT) 

Warum kann ich meinen Blick nicht sehen?, Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft, Vienna (AT) 

schier heiter/für die Gang und so, Sala Terrena, Ausstellungszentrum der Universität für Angewandte Kunst im Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna (AT) 

2015 ways to lighten up, splinters and logs, New York (US) 

A likeness has blisters, it has that and teeth, Semperdepot, Vienna (AT) 

2014 Uncommon Wealths, kuratiert von Ursula Maria Probst, Universität Innsbruck (AT) 

Young Art Lounge VII, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Vienna (AT) 

2012 (an)gespannt - a group fashion exhibition, Baselevel, Vienna (AT) 

2011 Mode statt Hode, Galerie Mayer Kainer, Vienna (AT)