Minda Andrén (born in 1990 in Sweden) lives and works in Vienna and is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts with Daniel Richter. 

Andrén dedicates great physical commitment to her paintings – a devotion that takes place between destruction and restoration. The linear plastic structures, which can only be seen on closer inspection, are traces of her fingers, partly of her fingernails. Representing an act of balance between different orders that may appear to be abstract, but which are based on a narrative. 




2017 Cuirass, Zeller van Almsick, Vienna (AT) 

 Amazing girls / It’s complicated, Kevin Space, Vienna (AT) 

2016 Andrén (Private View), Galerie Crone Wien, Vienna (AT) 

Stafett, Raum D at Museumsquartier, Vienna (AT) 

The Katharsis Show, Büro Weltausstellung, Vienna (AT) 

2014 Andrén at Bon, Gallery Bon, Stockholm (SE) 

2015 A likeness has blisters, it has that and teeth, Semperdepot, Vienna (AT) 

Display window, Büro Weltausstellung, Vienna (AT) 

New Needs, Haus Wittman, Niederösterreich (AT) 

Paralell 2015 - Parallel United, Vienna (AT) 

2014 Agora - A linguistic travelogue from the hellenic to the cycladic and beyond, Operngasse, Vienna (AT) 

Don’t be a body - Ein abend von Mads Westrup, V.esch, Vienna (AT) 

Sampling surfaces, Moë contemporary, Vienna (AT) 

Private Extensions, Tropics Paris, Paris (FR) 

2013 Andrén at HHDM, HHDM (Haus Hinter Des Meeres), Vienna (AT)